Day 26 Mission22


Talking with the office at Bayley’s campground I made a first. I was the first kayak camper ever to stay at Bayley’s. They took a picture to put on their facebook page and mention Mission22.

Portaged the kayak to the public boat  ramp to launch.

On the way met a few veterans and stopped to talk to them. As soon as I get the picture that was taken I will post it here.

The plan was to make a run to York Beach. However with a late start I didn’t make it.

I am glad that I stopped at Camp Ellis to check my progress because was at the mouth of the Saco river which is notorious for taking kayakers life with strong currents. After a short wait it was going to be slack tide and time to make the run. Crossed with zero issues.

I got as far as Cape Porpoise and started a night run when the sun went down. Navigating by GPS is not easy. I decided it would be safer to land and figure something else out.

It appears that I was only 1.3 miles from Kennebunkport and a hotel that was l looking at.  So mapping the route I started to portage the kayak again.  So I am here for 2 days.

Gonna play tourist tomorrow for some r&r.



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