Day 27 MISSION22


Spent day playing tourist but always on the mission. Spreading the word every chance I get. I can’t let up on that point it is too important.  It is raining so I have to watch weather closely as I am leaving tomorrow or getting another night.

Have to figure out dinner if it is raining.

I called a campground in York Beach, ME. to make reservations for the next 3 nights due to some personal logistics. I was informed they didn’t tent sites. I explained that I am coming by kayak and I am in the process of kayaking the coast for Mission22 raising awareness about veteran suicide and PTSD. They will make a site for me.

I am feeling that compassion for our veterans is still alive and it is bringing peace to my own torments. This trip is therapeutic for me as well as helping my brothers and sisters.

The more I paddle the more people that I talk to the better that I feel.


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