Day 62 Mission22

Launched from Ned’s Point Light in Mattapoisett heading for Tiverton Rhode Island. Launched at 9 AM an hour late. Winds were 6 mph and seas were 1-2 foot chop.

Stopped at West Island to stretch and hydrate and check conditions on ocean side of causeway. Received message about a local media event. Met with local reporter and photographers for interview.

Went across the street for lunch then set out again in a light rain. Conditions changed more wind 10-12 mph chop up to 3 feet.

By the time I rounded Sconticut Point the wind had built up 15-20 mph and seas were now 3-4 with curls and white caps. Made it to Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven with some concerns. Kayak got tippy a couple of times and tossed around like it was empty a few times. By the time  I reached shore I was near exhausted.

Called for ride and went back to where I am staying to make a few phone calls and check weather for the next few days.

Joe Mullin Mission 22


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