The purpose of

Joe Mullin Mission 22

As I keep reiterating to people all the time this journey isn’t about me or my exploits as I travel along.

The main purpose for me taking on this endeavor is about my brother and sister veterans committing suicide. It is about not only raising awareness but also raising funds to help them.

So I would like everyone who is following this blog who hasn’t donated to go to the main page and in the picture click on the middle text that has Mission22 in it and donate a minimum of $5. It won’t break your bank or wallet and it is for a very worthy cause.

I am taking time out of my life to make this journey for them. I am paying for this trip out of my pocket for them. I write this blog daily for them. My mantra, “One Man One Mission To Save Thousands” are not just idle words. I wish to raise thousands of dollars to get them the help they need. Mission22 needs your help and the help of others that you can recruit to donate.

This is about helping them so please donate. With every donation it re-energizes my efforts to spread the word.

Just to let you know my latest report says that after paddling 500 NM I have only raised $330 that is less than $1/mile this is not very conducive to why I am doing this. So I am flat out asking you to donate.




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