A calling

There comes a time when one receives a calling which is much bigger than oneself. 

Being an ambassador for Mission22 is such a calling.

Those of us who have answered the call and those that will get to choose how we accomplish our mission

We have all willingly accepted to go to war against veteran suicide. We each have are own reasons for joining. We all have a common goal to save the lives of veterans and in doing so are also saving families. 

As we continue raising awareness and request donations we hope that the veterans in need will see it takes greater strength to ask for help than it does to go it alone. To those veterans in need you are not alone , there is a growing army that has your six. To the families of those veterans we are here to guide you in the right direction to get them the help they deserve and to preserve the family which is being torn apart.

We all get to choose how we spread the word, some locally others are trying to build national attention. We try to ally with the media and recruit allies on social media to get the word out. 

As long as there is conflicts requiring are troops we will vigilantly continue to save them when they return home. We strive to make 22 a single digit number …0.

I am proud to be an ambassador and proud to be part of Mission22 as I am sure my fellow ambassadors are too.


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