March 28, 2018

Took the new kayak into open water for the first time yesterday.

It was suppose to be 10 kt winds NNW and 2 ft seas.

Should have been a nice easy paddle from Wareham to Marion Harbor a distance of 12 – 13 nm.

It started out with light winds less than 1 ft chop. Once I got out of the river into open water, the wind picked up and the seas became the 2 feet.

When I approached Wings Cove the wind went over 15 kts and the seas were 4 feet. I had following seas most of the trip.

The kayak being empty rode high in the water and was subject to a turns i didn’t expect. The kayak handled the chop even the one or two broadsides easily. She maintained stability a forward motion gracefully.

I was impressed with her only short stall when I was straight on in a 4ft swell and as we peak reached center point she only slowed for 1 second then immediately responded to the paddle

I am comtiplating more stability when she is loaded.


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