March 31, 2018

Mission22 the book.

Magnus Johnson founder of Mission22 wrote abouy why he started ElderHeart and Mission22.

There was one section I found most interesting. It talked about how we are all community. Hiw we all have a part in the care and treatment of veterans.

We all pay taxes and as such we all fund the war through the Defense budget which comes out of the taxes pay. So we all pay to send these men and women into harms way so we are all responsible in that way.

I learned from watching a show that the Veterans Administration budget is seperate from the Defense budget. So while we spend plenty to wage war we do not allocate enough to pay for the results of that war. This is not only a great imbalance but its not fair to us that serve(d).

Because of this a number of organizations has formed to help close the gap from the Veterans Administration being underfunded.

Therefore we have to look to you for funding as you inadvertently created the problem. This includes veterans themselves as we also pay taxes.

So since we have a community issue how do we solve it?

We need to welcome home our troops. We need to make them feel we apreciate their service and welcome them home. We need to invite them to be part of the community to give them gainful employment. Invite them to participate in local events.

This helps them to transition into civilian life and makes them feel appreciated. You will not find a better worker than a veteran.

While I served during Viet Nam I didn’t go in country. However, I have been treated the same way as my brothers and sisters. We have a saying NEVER FORGET so that all future veterans will not have to endure what we did.

This war has gone on longer than any other. We are all tired of it and there appears no end to it. But we are still paying for it and we still have the responsibility to our men and women returning home.

I know a number of you following this blog are more interested in my epic journey but my main focus is to the mission, Mission22, and to raise awareness and funds for veterans in need. I please ask you to spread the word share this blog through your social media. We still lose 20+ veterans a day to suicide. These are fellow human beings, they are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mother and fathers, aunts and uncles and cousins. They are friends and neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances. They are part of the community. How can we just ignore the problem? Because in same way shape or form it affects each and everyone of us.

I am paddling this great distance to draw attention to myself so that I can then draw attention to the mission.

Thank you for reading this and please share.


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