May 20, 2018

The wind shifted 180° last night. Tarp pulled the stakes out of the ground. I used the tent stakes as double duty to hold tarp. My surprise when occasionally wind would get under tent and start to lift it.

At 3 AM the tarp was flapping so bad I got up and took it off. I got back in the tent and it starts to rain.

I got up this morning and turned the tent 90° so it is not broadside to the wind and put the tarp back on the right way.

I went to office to pay for tonight as there is fog on the bay and the winds at noon are suppose to be 18 mph.

So I am not up to paddling against the wind now that it is coming from the direction I need to go.

I am waiting to hear if i am going to get ride to kayak shop for new leash.

Thank you Scarlett for the rides it was great of you to offer and i enjoyed talking with you. Best of luck with your endevors.

Big thanks to Carmans River Canoe and Kayak for a new leash. It will work out well.

Met some very nice people at the Flight 800 Memorial this afternoon. Had some deep conversations which included Mission22.

Talked with numerous people at the campground about Mission22 and handed out info cards.

Kevin came down and we talked kayaks and Mission22.

Having a fire with free wood given to me.

Nice night.


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