May 21, 2018

Left Smith Point this morning heading for Jones Beach.

Didn’t make it. Had to cross early to the main land side due to so many sandbars.

Then the wind and tide change and it got choppy. i went from the Mission22 kayak to the ss minnow.

When I stopped for lunch,, I took off the top half of my drysuit and the zipper broke. I called a dive shop in Ammityville and ti ey want $350.00 to repair it. I don’t have that kind of money until the first of the month and i can’t afford to stay someplace until I do.

So i have it so it zips shut sort of. There is a small gap at the top and bottom. No real safe but it will do. I just better not capsize.

Found a small point of beach at the start of a canal in Sayville. It’s home for tonight.


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