May 22, 2 018

Well last night waz interesting set up camp at beach point next to channel in Sayville.

Ah ticks they love the tall grass. Found 2 in my tent this morning.

Well dinner and breakfast was peanut butter.

Left Sayville for barrier side. Took longer than i thought currents are hard to read in bay.

As i was starting a commercial boat came out throwing a wake. Got thru that and didn’t hear anything so i start yo paddle across lookright and here comes the ferry. Had plenty of time to get out of the way. Had to put up with the wake of one jerk.

Ran into 4 people in an outrigger heading Sag Harbor. We all stopped and shared sea storied, tips, and other information.

I made it off of Fire Island! Man i am glad thats behind me.

Not quite to Jones Beachnm b.ut i might make it. its rsining.


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