May 25 2018

woke up to a windy day with small chop on the water.

Plan A was to go for it and paddle the 7-8 miles straight to Sandy Hook

Plan B was to head inland along Staten Island to Perth Amboy and cross at narrowest opening

Plan B wins today…going to be a long day.

Charging phone then break camp eats breakfast and launch.

well i stopped at Coney Island to taked pictures. See at end.

The crossing to Staten Island was not fun I had to time the crossing between high speed ferries who don’t care about anybody. Then while crossing I had to stop for a Corp of Engineer boat follow by a power boat neither of which responded to my airhorn.

Then while resting on a Staten Island beach a young lady on her quad in uniform told me no boats on the beach. I explained what I was doing and she said okay. No wonder these people are uptight they aren’t allowed to do anything.

I stopped on the other side of the island to figure a place to stay. The shoreline was covered in horseshoe crabs mating. Not on Staten Island. I found a place in South Amboy NJ but day light was running out. I made a mad dash for Jersey. I ended up doing a night crossing with my headlamp and my strobe going.

I made the hotel after midnight thanks to 2 young men i recruited to help me get kayak off the beach to the road then 2 mile portage to hotel.

Not a bad day Brooklyn to South Amboy.


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