May 26, 2018

When you are trying to save money on hotels you can’t be choosey about the rooms you get.

This was last nights room. Hey it was a hot shower and lights out.

Heading for Sandy Hook and further today there is talk of thunderstorms this afternoon. I am low on cash until the first of the month when i get paid again.

As i was paddling i saw 3 people out kayak fishing. On shore where a number of people and a couple of popups. I thought it was a contest so I paddled to the closest one. It turns out it was a group of people who grew up together having their annual Memorial weekend get together.

Steve the kayaker invited me onshore for food and drink. I wish I was better at names but i only remember Don, Marylin, and Bob. All the people were very nice and feed me well. We talked about the trip, Mission22 and ptsd.

I stayed so late i ended up camping on the beach. A big thank you to a great bunch of people for their food, drink and hospitality. I enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “May 26, 2018

  1. This morning while sitting on my side deck I meet, Joe Mullins rolling his kayak towards the waterfront. I noticed the Mission 22 flag and asked if he needed some water or gatorade. Joe walked over and we started to took about the mission, Gina & Nicole came out of house and we took a few pictures. Joe Mullin is Kayaking from Maine to Texas and left his starting point earlier this month to raise awareness for the 22 veterans a day who committ suicide.
    I am asking all my veteran Brothers and Sisters, Police Officers, Friends and Detail Mafia Family to watch out for Joe along the way. Joe’s progress blog is He will be entering the water at Old bridge Park and will be heading back a shore at some point past Sandy Hook. Stay Safe on your trip Joe.

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