May 31, 2018

broke camp 6 am had oatmeal and hot chocolate for breakfast. got underway.

talked with 3 guys on thee water 2 in race kayaks 1 on a surfbord. 1 said if he had known i was coming he would have joined me for a few days. i talked to a guy taking video on his phone he said he would share it. 2 more guys showed up. They donated to my gofundme account.

Thanks tbd.

pulled into a park to get rid of trash and asked the local cop about convient stores or cheap restaurants. He directed me to jersey mikes deli. Then he said he would watch my kayak for me. I struck up a conversation with Mike the counter man who gave me a free lunch. I got back to kayak where the officer said he was waitimng for the sargent for a photo op, him me and the yak.


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