June 1, 2018

Another fun night of sleeping on the beach in a nature area. Biolite stove I do a lousey job charging Samsung S8s.

Woke up to rain the dense fog again.

Had to use propane stove to cook breakfast.

Packed and on my way again.

stopped at Barnegat Light talked with one of the harbormasters and Navy vet. He suggested Mustache Bills Diner for lunch. Good suggestion. I talked with Jim the customer next to me. Then talked with Ken the owner or manager about Mission22. When it came time to pay the tab Ken said it was on the diner.

I set off down the coast and realized I was low on water. Hard to find beaches and ramps as they love seawalls here. I ran across a large group of woman and pulled up to their seawall and asked about a ramp and convenient store. Luckily they were close to each other but i had to backtrack a short distance. Picked up 2 six packs of Poland Springs, a bottle of Bai Blueberry and a small box of fig newtons.

Had a conversation with a couple going out in their boat about Mission22. I then ran across Amy from the store who just got off work and we talked kayaking, ptsd, and life.

Was trying to make it down the coast to get a good hotel deal but not enough daylight for the run.

Found a park with double boat ramp i am estatic, and pulled in. There is a soda machine but better there are numerous electrical outlets. Phone charge heaven.

Still trying to get answer from DAK kayak on fund raiser for June 9th.

Will try again tomorrow. Will also call local paper before launching about a story.


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