June 4, 2018 Mission22

Packed up checked out went to marina.

Amazing how marine report can change so quickly. I have to wait for wind to diminish. 33 mph is a bit too much. the seas have been calming down since I arrived. The tide is in my favor. Need to make Brigintine today.

I would like to say hello to people I met today Eric and Sue and Rita.

I called Dave and the event is shaping up. Dave and some others are going to meet me at the inlet between 7 and 8 AM Saturday morning for the paddle in. Then we will load my yak on one of his trucks to have in front of store for fundraiser. He isn’t sure but the mayor may come by to see me. I haven’t heard from the media.


4 thoughts on “June 4, 2018 Mission22

  1. I see New Jersey weather has not been kind to You. Wishing You good weather and safe journey. keep paddling.


  2. Watch out for the march flies in Brigantine during the day if it is warm. They will bite you to death.


    1. John so far so good no bugs the event for Saturday is going good so far. They are coming out to meet me at 7 or 8 at the inlet at the north end of ocean city then we will paddle to take out point where the trucks are waiting to transport us to shop. The mayor may or may not show up. I have notified the media well in advance Joseph


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