June 5, 2018 Mission22

Left hotel went back to boat ramp. Met a few people on the way and talked about trip and Mission22. Received a $40 donation from one gentleman which i will put into funds at fundraiser Saturday.

Wind was blowing about 20 25 mph with gust over 30 mph at ramp. Sat there most of the day waiting to see if wind would die down. I met Don who had been out fishing most of the day and somehow got a fishhook in his big toe. We got to talking and he invited me to his house 2 blocks away. The original plans were i camp in the yard but their plans changed and I slept inside. We had fresh flounder Don caught that day. Great conversations.

I am always grateful for friendly people willing to help out.

Oh! while sitting on a bench waiting for the wind to die down this guys comes by me at a brisk pace falls off the end. When I got u a moment later to check on him I daw him heading down the boat ram into the water.

I saw him stick his head out of the water later then submerge.


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