June 10, 2018

Dave and I went to warehouse to pick up kayak and put it on the trailer. Not bad for 2 old men to lift that loaded kayak onto the rack.

Went to launch site. I talked for awhile to the attendant. Great way to get information. Talked with my gf to go over days plans for each of us.

Started heading to Cape May. I had paddled for a few hours and needed a break. I found a small beach next to a state boat ramp. Talked with the attendants for awhile and a group on bicycles. A few pictures taken of me and kayak.

Launched and headed for a place to eat. Right after the bridge there was an inn and a shack with tables and unbrellas on the beach. Good stop. Staff was interested in the mission and bought my lunch. I gave them all bracelets and gave a few stickers. The bartender put a sticker in the beer cooler so everyone could see.

I talked to a few customers one who gave me cash donation.

I was asked about the guy rowing the atlantic whose boat washed ashore. I was told he was at the bar the day before.

As i paddled down the bay in a remote area I spot his boat then I spot Duncan Hutchinson so I hailed him and pulled into a slip. We exchanged missions and talked about issues. I gave him a Mission22 bracelet.

I wish him the best of luck as he is as dedicated and determined as I to his cause.

The weather is turning for the worse. Stopped at Sea Isle City for the night.

Duncan Hutchinson


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