June11, 2018 Mission22

Stayed in an unusual place last night. The hotel is called Coast hotel adult only. It is attached to a pizza joint a liquor store and a club called Lacosta. You can find this place in Sea Isle Cith, NJ.

On the way to the boat ramp this morning I stopped at the visitor center. I was given a pamphlet telling me where i could get veteran discounts and a veterans beach tag. I was also interviewed and pictures taken for the local paper. I might get a pr job when i am done.

The women of Sea Isle City visitor center.

I arrived at the ramp to see a 4-5 knot current ripping by the ramp from the bridge with lots of eddies. Well hurry and wait as we say.

I am heading to Cape May to catch the ferry but first i have to stop at West Marine for a new vhf radio as mine won’t take a charge. The radio is an essential piece of safety gear.

Ran into issues trying to get to Wildwood.  Tide changed wind picked up chop built to 3 to 4 ft. Then i make it to a bridge to find 7 knot current with eddies, not worth risking safety. I waited awhile then portaged yak across the road and kept going.

Ended up stopping at Wildwood for dinner and hotel.



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