June 14, 2018 Mission22

Made breakfast, oatmeal and hot chocolate. However, it wasn’t enough so a trip to campstore for 2 bottles of chocolate milk. Now i can break camp pack the yak and go.

While portaging yak to beach i met a couple with 2 great danes. We talked about the Mission they were really interested.

Talked with the owner of Quest kayak shop about the waters i was heading into. Good to have intel. I got a picture of me and the kid working there.

I then had a father and son help me get the yak through the soft sand to the hard sand. A woman stopped to take my picture with the yak to talk about it at school.

I launched into very shallow water, it was hard manuevering to the point. There i met some turbulent water 3-4 feet high crashing over bow. I paddled hard to get past it then as i round the point i see a rip going from beach out a few miles. Really?!

I headed for the beach to portage around it but got sucked into it. Hard vigorous paddling to get out of the t and to the beach. While portaging i spotted 4 dolphins close to shore.

1st attempt at surf launch ended with me sideways. 2nd attempt without skirt ended with me outside breakers in an unstable yak with a half a cockpit full of water. Bailing like crazy.

I paddled all the way to the inlet before pulling in and landing. Had to get guy standing there to pull me in a little so i could get out. Steep beaches aee bad for surf landings as it wants to slide you back into surf.

Luckily there is a campground on both sides of inlet. While i was making reservations Karen aoroached me and said i could set up my tent on their site. She introduced me to Bill and then made me dinner.

Set up tent and sleeping gear and went to bed.


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