June 15, 2018 Mission22

Left beach at Deleware Seashore thanks to Bill and Karen. Also thanks to them for letting me set up on their site and feeding me.

Found out that Ocean City, MD has one of the dumbest rules that i have heard of, according to the female lifeguard, you can’t paddle any closer than 100 yards of shore while the lifeguards are on duty. This is for safety, but you can go out and paddle in the boat lane where they don’t respect you nor care about your safety.

I made it into the inlet where i met the rednexk yatch club. actual families on a pobtoon boat. We had a lot of great laughs especially about turtle heads. The hilarity was trying to get a picture of this turtle’s head. As soon as you were ready to hit the button it would submerge.

After exploring options for camp site I found one at Assoteague State park. The race was on. Ocean City inlet to Rt661 bridge to ranger station by 10 pm. Made bridge and street by 9:41pm. The woman running registrations saw me walking and took pity on me and turned around to open the office for me.

Camp set up by 1:21 am and sleep.


2 thoughts on “June 15, 2018 Mission22

  1. Bill Danley , we met as you were going under Indian River Inlet Bridge with Bill and Karen helping. Can’t tell you how touched I was with you extending your hand and Welcoming me home “Vietnam”. I my friend are the one extending my hand to you and your MISSION 22 endeavor. As I was posting the pics on fb of you and your launch out of the North Side Indian River Inlet Beach I got a message from one of my Friends in Washington PA to inform me another Brother had committed Suicide that Day….. Want to Thank You for bringing awareness to this horrible problem. God Bless and be with you all the days you are on water.


    1. Bill,
      I am sorry to hear another brother joined the 20+. I wish I could get national coverage to let them know we have alternatives.
      I know a number of you have never been welcomed home and I believe it is a step towards healing.


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