June 17, 2018 Mission22

Got up early, had cheeder grits for breakfast. broke camp and launched.

Had to walk past a few Assateague horses on way to bay.

Hadn’t slept well back was already sore so it was a 3 aspirin morning.

Had to do a number of stops to calm back down as it was also effecting my legs. the 2

I made Chincoteague island made reservations at KOA who gives veteran discounts. Now to get me and yak there.

Took out at Capt. Bob’s ramp then started 4 mile walk to camp. I would like to thank J&B cold cuts for the food. Greatly appreciated.

KOA Chincoteague has raised beds for tents and it has a light so you can see. Made set up really easy. Smart idea.


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