June 16, 2018 Mission22

Met Don and Nicole today. Don is an army vet and has a friend and former comrade doing a 22 day race to Alaska for various veteram charities. Top of the list is Mission22. So Don came over to ask me about it as i had the banner up.

I called my sister and her husband and they informed me they were going to Annapolis to spend fathers day with their daughter Allison. They said they were coming home the eastern shore Monday and could pick me up at toll booth.

I checked my chart and its 75 nm i have to cover in 1.5 days. So tomorrow is early departure and 10 hrs to travel 60 nm. Then the 15 nm can be covered in 3 hrs the next morning.

I will then be back in my hometown for a number of days.


2 thoughts on “June 16, 2018 Mission22

    1. I made it. Here in Virginia Beach with my sister and her husband. Trying to set up tv and newspaper interviews. I want to see the memorial while I am here.


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