July 22, 2018 Mission22

Late start, breakfast, then load the yak and cast off at 11.

Rivers and ICW 2-3 foot chop 15-25 mph winds rough paddling.

Crossed the icw right into a restricted zone. Harbor Patrol were on my ass so I paddled out. They followed me and while in the channel fighting 4-6 ft chop he asked if I had an ID, friggin really? When I reached safe water I called him on the radio, apologized for not stopping gave my name and reason I am out there. They said the noticed the Mission22 and that was the reason they backed off.

I made it as far as Fort Fisher. Because I don’t have a DOD card I couldn’t camp here.

I talked to some others and one sponsored me and paid for the site.

Met a Viet Nam vet and we talked about the war, how we were treated, etc. I gave him a hand setting up his tent.

Hot shower laundry dinner.

Camping Sheppard pie

All freeze dried ingrediants


vegetable merely

garlic mashed potatoes

cook according to direction

in a bowl place potatoes then veggies then beef

mix well and eat.


One thought on “July 22, 2018 Mission22

  1. Good meeting you today and I’m glad I was able to cover your camp fee. We’ll keep up with your progress.


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