July 23, 2018 Mission22

Well what a night! Went to sleep about 11pm awoke at 12:30am to heavy rain, thunder, lightening and a bulge on the tent floor. My site was flooding. Within a few minutes I was floating on my sleeping pad and my dry boxes were afloat. I moved some things on to the pad with me.

Twice I had a small frog trying to climb the tent to higher ground.

Most of the water finally soaked into the ground but I still have a puddle at one end.

Made a reservation for motel in Kure beach. Will head there once some of the stuff I put in dryer finishes.

Chilling at hotel waiting for local reporter to show before going to dinner.c

If you are in Kure Beach and are hungry I suggest the Kure Beach Diner by the pier. Good food friendly service and be sure to say hi to Morgan!


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