July 25, 2018 Mission22

What a day! Karma deals both good and bad. Maybe the bad so you can better appreciate the good.

Woke up late, skipped breakfast, packed yak, checked out and headed 3.5 miles to ferry.

Met Andrea from the diner and her dad Greg. Pictures taken and on my way.

Just pass the entrance to the aquarium Andrea and her dad came running up to help. While pulling the kayak the axle broke on one side.

Phone calls made Mom to the rescue. Drove us to house listening to Kiss, Mom is a rocker!

Trip to hardware, moms house to pick up tools and on to kayak.

Repaired axle with 2 fender washers and a self tapping lag.

Got on ferry no charge.

When I got off ferry I noticed the outside bushing on the other side was missing.

Southport has poor cell service.

Cut up water bottle and wrapped it around axle to make a new bushing.

Holding up so far…adapt and improvise.

Got to marina in time for large tstorm to threaten so find hotel and portage.

While stopping just before a gas station I meet MaryBeth who works for a kayak company in Southport. She wants to help so I get her number for a lift to water in morning.

Near the hotel her husband shows up with their extended van and we load the kayak in the van. Ride to hotel made arrangements to be picked up tomorrow.

Time for nice hot shower.


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