July 26, 2018 Mission22

Thanks to Marybeth and her neighbor the yak and I got a ride to the marina.

The water was calm the skies sunny and blue and off I set down the icw.

Just past the first bridge I met a gentleman in a fishing kayak. When I told him what I was doing he said he just read something about me. It made me feel good that the word is getting out and he even knew it was about ending veteran suicide.

Stopped at this watersports place to stretch and talk kayak and mission 22. What a great group of people. Randy and his crew at Carolina Watersports

I made it to Holden Beach and found a boat ramp. I helped a family take their boat out and we talked about Mission22 and my trip. He gave me a ride to the local Food Lion grocery store and back.

I noticed the time was getting late so I made a few calls to find a campground. Most of the places that call themselves campground are actually RV parks. I did find one that had tent sites so I made a reservation.

Here is where the fun begins. I am on the oceanside of the icw, the campground is on the inland side. The 130 bridge is what separates us. The bridge has no sidewalk or breakdown lane so I have no way to get over the bridge. Called campground to explain my dilemma. The owner came over in his pickup and we portaged the yak to the campground. Great to have good people when you need them.

Set up camp, talked to gf on the phone took a shower and proceeded to sweat like a water fountain.


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