July 27, 2018 Mission22

Got a ride back to boat ramp. Packed the yak halfway and it starts to rain. Moved everything to a dry spot under the bridge and wait for rain to stop.

Pack the other half and get ready to launch and a thunder storm shows up. So I help a few people get their boats out of the water.

I bring the yak down the ramp and pack the dollies and the skies change from blue to grey and lightening.

So for 2 hours I have to play, do I stay or do I go. Around 10:30 an I launched into blue skies, within an hour I was in rain and lightening. Hugged the shore and paddled on.

Stopped at Ocean Isle Fish Company for lunch. Nice thick burger and good wait staff…Hi Katie!

Made it just into SC by dark. Found a spot big enough to camp. The top of a pile of oyster shells isn’t ideal but I needed sleep.


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