July 28, 2018 Mission22

Didn’t sleep well. Have you ever tried to sleep on a pile of oyster shells?

Even with a sleeping pad its uncomfortable.

Woke a number of times with fishing boats heading out. Finally got up and paddled.

Stopped at swing bridge marina for breakfast and charge phone.

Met Barbara there a very pleasant person to talk with.

Off to Barefoot Landing per Grandy to meet Dewey. Dewey picked me up at a boat ramp down the river and brought me to the hotel he paid for.

Grady set up a free dinner st Whiskey River with Andrea.

The bartender came over with an emotional thank you for what zi am doing. I found out he just lost a buddy.

I would have liked to stay longer but my pts was kicking up

Came back to hotel and made reservations at KOA


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