August 3, 2018 Mission22

Day 6 in Myrtle Beach could things get worse.

Left my radio in Grady’s truck. Grady gave it to a buddy to drop off at campground. Radio is Mia right now.

All sites are booked which means I had to pack up and vacate site.

I can hang around the park in hopes my radio shows up. I have a 10 mile haul with the kayak to get to hotel I booked. Oh! and of course it’s raining again.

The staff except for Don, Regina and one ranger are good people. I wouldn’t give 2 cents for the rest of the staff here. Not sure if they are untrained, stupid or don’t care. Trying to get an answer out of them is like pulling teeth. Their answers are gruff short and not full answer. The tone is condensending. Hey! if you hate the job that bad quit.

I am going my radio shows soon so I can leave.

I couldn’t wait anymore so I left. On the way out I was asked by a family with a pickup if I needed help. Thank you karma! Thank you Micha and Kristen ( I hope I got that right). They drove me to the place I was staying only to discover we had to back track 6 miles to check in then drive me back. They are great people for going through all that for a stranger.

Settled in to a really nice apartment.


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