August 4, 2018 Mission22

Still no radio got to leave. Found another hotel 9 miles south in Georgetown.

Had to get courtesy van to pick me up and take me to other place to check out and get ride back. The driver offered to take time off work to transport me with his pickup but they wouldn’t let him. Thank you sir for the offer.

While heading for the fron gate I ran into a gentleman and his dog. He offered his pickup so I accepted.

He drove me to the hotel where we off loaded the yak so he could leave.

I am settled in to the Baymont in Georgetown. Still waiting to hear if i am getting my radio.

Called my brother in Florida about picking me up for a few days so i can sort things out. We will talk more tonight.

I am concerned about the water quality off Floridas coast. While I have a number of people wanting to see me complete this trip i am not sure risking my health is worth it.

While being a vet has me 100% behind the veterans I am trying to help I am not feeling much support or respect from the organization I represent. Therefore, I have to weigh out the risk of my health against the benefit of completing this trip. I am well trained in risk/benefit from 20 yrs of underwater recovery.

I know my family and gf supports what I am doing. I am sure the combat veterans who are getting treatment support my efforts. The people following this blog want to see me succeed. But in the end I have to make a decision on how far I continue and when I quit.

Comments welcome.


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