August 5, 6, 2018 Mission22

Talked with my daughter, brother, son and girlfriend last night.

I have concerns about kayaking the coast of Florida with their polluted waters.

I am staying put for 2 days then my brother is coming up from Florida to pick me up for a few days so I can think and discuss my options for the future of this trip.

Still don’t have my radio yet.

My brother is coming up to pick me up and I have an interview with local reporter in the morning.


4 thoughts on “August 5, 6, 2018 Mission22

  1. You have already accomplished so much. So many are so proud of Your efforts.The waters here on the west coast of Florida are very bad. Red tide and green algae. Good luck what ever you decide..


  2. By “polluted” you mean the algae blooms coming out the rivers from the many lakes. People in the lake regions are getting sick.


    1. There is a double whammy going on right now. Ride tide which occurs in a number of places on the Atlantic and gulf coast and the green algae which comes from around lake O and flows down the outlet rivers to the gulf and the ocean. Depending on the concentration and toxicity of the red tide it may not be an issue. However! The green algae is a health risk due to breathing in its smell and getting it on your skin and accidentally ingesting it. Being 67 years old I think I want to avoid any illness at this time.


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