Realization time!

With all these veteran organizations out there where do you put your money?

Charity is one place you can go and filter veterans. This organization will tell you how much of your dollar goes to the veteran.

Now here is the realization. Because we all pay taxes and a big part goes to the defense budget you have financed the war(s) these people fighting in. You are in an odd way placing these people in harms way and having them see the horrors of war.

The bad news we do not spend nearly enough on healing them when they come home. We deem them as broken and in our disposable society we want to cast them aside out of side out of mind.

Shame on all of us, yes “all” of us for letting this happen.

You see when we turn our backs on a veteran we have turned our backs on the family and the community. But we only see the veteran not the big picture.

When they return home they will never be the same person that left. But, we expect them not to change. How could they not when they have seen someone they are having a conversation with one second being in numerous parts the next. You cannot fathom what this does for a person and their are no words to describe the emotions of going through it.

So because they have changed their old friends don’t want to hang out with you, your family can’t understand your moods and eventually wants nothing to do with you, your hometown may honor you when you got home but noone has a job for you. The governments answer is to medicate you into a zombie which you hate and so they get to feeling everyone would be better off if I wasn’t here.

While this is not the right answer because it doesn’t solve the root cause of the issue it has only changed it for everyone. They feel confused as to why, they feel quilty that they didn’t try harder or do more to help. They wonder what more they could have done to have stopped it and their is the grief and the trauma for the children. Suicide is never the right answer.

So you see as Individuals and as a family or a part of the community we all have a role in helping these veterans transition back into civilian into civilian life.


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