August 18, 2018 Mission22

Spent the night at a Marriot for a good deal of $250. Matteress was soft so after tweaking my back picking up kayak to get it behind fence it was not a great night sleep.

woke up had breakfast then a 3.5 mile walk to hardware store to get what I needed to repair the wheel.

Met a veteran in the store who gave me a ride to the marina which was out of his way.

Fixed the wheel and the marina lent me one of their guys to get the yak to the dock. Then I had 2 guys waiting for gas help me put the yak in the water.

Down the river I went. Landed on a beach at an inlet which looked like the local hangout. Talked to a bunch of people about Mission22. I was invited to spend the night at his house

I took the offer


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