August 19, 2018 Mission22

Shaun is a gracious host and new friend. Not only did he cook an awesome dinner last night but cooked a good hearty breakfast this morning.

We went to the grocery store this morning so I could get a few things. On the way back we took a tour of Rockville, population 300, with its dirt roads and a number of big houses and a beautiful church.

Packed the kayak and it was time to get to the water. Shaun had to launch his boat then come back for me and the yak. Launched about 12:15 pm and set out for Edisto Island. I had planned on going down the ocean side to save time but when I reached the river there was 2-3 foot chop. I figured it had to be worse on the ocean side. The skies looked threatening all day, mostly cloudy and black. zi made it to Dahoo boat ramp at the bridge and pulled in to eat and stretch. That’s when the weather took a turn for the worse. tstorm was upon us and people were frantically trying to get their boats out at 1 of the 2 ramps.

I helped as much as I could. Got a few people to take my pic with my yak for Facebook to spread the mission word.

Made reservation at the Edisto campground and then had to email Shaun to come Portage me there due to storm.

oh! saw my first alligator about a mile before the bridge.

Shaun arrived we loaded the yak and he drove me to camp.

set up reloaded yak time for sleep


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