September 8, 2018 Mission22

Well after the tournament started a couple from the county/state showed up with kayaks to take a group out for a trip. I decided to hang around and kayak down the river a ways with them. The group was excited that they got to kayak with me for a short ways.

When they pulled into a marsh I kept going.

I stopped at an island that is a estuarian preserve. Met a nice family who had also stopped. I saw them a couple of more times as I continued to paddle down the river toward St, Augustine.

I was paddling by this restaurant along the beach and I could smell the smoke of what I thought was BBQ but it turns out they smoke their own fish. I had a nice shrimp lunch and a couple of drinks one was on the bar tender. I want to thank the customer who bought me lunch.

My next stop was on Bird Island in St. Augustine. Ran into a group who call themselves the Bird Island Buddies which included decals and flags, koozies cups etc. They went all out…got love the enthusiasm. They gave me direction to the Municipal marina where I docked the yak.  They let me stay at the dingy rate when I told them what I was doing.

I walked the 1-2 miles to the store to get my phone fixed to find out he was closing and would have to order the part and it would be over $200. I can’t wait for the part to come in so phone isn’t get fixed yet.

On the way back I stopped in a Wyndam hotel to check rates. Too high so went on to marina. I noticed a Motel across from the marina and the rate was lower than the other guys so I took it because the location was ideal.

Nice hot shower changed clothes and went to dinner.  Went to yak and got my laptop so I could catch up on stuff.


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