September 9, 2018 Mission22

Made reservations for the KOA campground here in ST. Augustine. I need a place where I can work on the keel of the kayak as the front drywell has water in it. Also, it cost less to stay there.

They have WIFI so I can use the laptop again.

I have to use my phone as I cannot get internet on the campground wifi.

Set up camp repaired kayak in 3 places did laundry ate dinner.

Found a place to play darts. I had lunch at Dominoes Pizza as they are on the other side of the fence from my site and the smell was driving me nuts. The dart place is next door to it.

will be heading south tomorrow


One thought on “September 9, 2018 Mission22

  1. So glad your not in Florence’s path. I’m sure it is still tough going out there with the waves kicked Way up. Stay safe. Know that we’re cheering you on from shore.


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