September 11, 2018 Mission22

I broke camp and set off for as far as I could paddle. I ran into 4 kayakers along the way. We talked about the mission and veteran suicide. I asked if there was any place to eat as I skipped breakfast. They told me about Brigs Marina just a short paddle away and the BBQ place there. I also told them where I slept last night and they offered me a stay with them a hot shower and a place to sleep. An offer I couldn’t refuse.

They  continued their paddle I went into the marina where they had a kayak float that I opted not to use so I landed on one side of the boat ramp out of the way. I went to Captains BBQ and had lunch and dessert. I had the brisket sandwich and collards. I then treated myself to strawberry cheesecake for dessert. If your in that area I suggest you stop for a good lunch and a great dessert.

I talked with a number of people there many of which are veterans and they all thanked me for what I was doing raising awareness about veteran suicide.

I launched and headed down river looking for their house. They had already returned and I was met by Farley at the dock. We figured out how to tie the kayak to the dock for the night. I took out what I needed and went to meet everyone. It felt great to have a hot shower and change into clean clothes. Farleys wife did my laundry which wasn’t much 2 tshirts and 2 bathingsuits. We had tacos for dinner and then they showed me the camper where I would be sleeping for the night. It was a good night sleep.


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