September 12, 2018 Mission22

After a good night sleep we had eggs and cheese on english muffins for breakfast. They were delicious and it hit the spot.

While packing the kayak a boat came flying by trowing a good size wake.I tried to steady the kayak as it was broadside to it. Water splashed into the open drywell and the fittings for the deck lines got ripped out. I pumped out the drywell then sponged out what water was left. Farley had to drive me to the hardware store to get some stainless washers to repair the fittings so I could hold the deck bag in place.

Finally said mu good byes and thank yous and was under way for Daytona 38 miles away.

I made it to Ormond Beach by night fall so I decided to get a hotel here. I found one on the ocean for a good price so I started the 2 mile portage to the hotel. A couple who had just come out of Outback Steakhouse where hailing me down as a taxi. I stopped and talked with them and the guy offered to pull the kayak down to the light after checking the distance to the hotel from that spot 1.8 miles. I thanked him for the help.

The woman on the front desk was great and we had fun with the check in when I told her I only had a kayak. SHe thanked me for what I was doing and I went to park the yak and find my room.

A hot shower with a little expedition laundry a call to Beverly some catch up on the computer and then sleep.


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