September 13, 2018 Mission22

Woke up walked to the Publix supermarket to get breakfast and returned to hotel. The surf was crashing on shore even though the hurricane is up in the Carolinas.

My brother and sister in law showed up about 11 to pick me and the kayak up. We stopped at West Marine on the way home so I could pick up another can of resin to do repairs as I ran out in St. Augustine. We stopped at the you broke I fix store to see about getting phone fixed but they said since the charging port doesn’t work they can’t touch it.

So my brother and I took a ride to the Verizon store who said it would be easier to do it online. So they he had to stop at Best Buy for a return and then we stopped at Lowe’s so I coul.d pick up some hardware a sponge and some squeegees

Spent an hour working on an online claim for the phone, filling out forms scanning form and drivers license. sending it in and waiting. Now they tell me they didn’t accept the documentation so I have to call tomorrow to talk to a agent.


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