September 18, 2018, Mission22

Launched from the RV park after talking to the owner and thanking him for letting me stay for free.

Sun shining, calm seas, no wind the yak wants to glide so the rhythm can be slow.

Saw some manatees shortly after starting. This will be a day of many sightings. I saw one with propeller cuts on it’s back. It made me sad that people can be so heartless and cruel to such a gentle creature.

I finally found the Haulout Canal that goes to Indian River that will get me to Mims and Titusville. Lots of manatees here. There it s a small cove and boat ramp, there were about 15 there.

The wind picked up and the river had 2-3 foot chop made crossing a little difficult. I found a sheltered spot and called the KOA about a site with late arrival. After a few good laughs and getting my bearings and possible take out spots discussed I headed for the railroad bridge.

My luck when I got there there was a current running 3-4 knots on the north side and a rip about 30 feet deep and long than the bridge on the other. Already tired from a day of paddling I had to make a choice back up and rest an hour or go for it. I stayed on the north side until I got to the end then went under the second opening. The chop in the tip came from 2 directions head on and behind from the bulkhead. Well it was a bouncy trip hard paddling and rudder control but decided to go 45° to get out if it. Got into a little calmer water and started to look for a take out. The mangrove on the edge is thick and ended up paddling to Titusville to a boat ramp.

Started messaging people for a ride. Then I met Charlie and son Charles who were launching their boat. He said if I was still there when they returned they would give me a ride.

I talked to a few people at the marina about Mission22 then my trip. Then Charlie and son returned. They bought me dinner before finishing my ride to the KOA. Thanks af as in guys your help and dinner were greatly appreciated.

Camp set up n good night.


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