September 19, 2018 Mission22

Met a fellow veteran this morning who recently heard about Mission22. I gave him my last bracelet which he gave to his girlfriend who had just lost her son to suicide.

Turns out he was one of the active duty personnel who has committed suicide. He was Navy on board an aircraft carrier.

She was still taking it hard. I did get a chance to discuss it with her knowing it was hard for her to talk about I was cautious and gentle and chose my words wisely. When I saw here getting emotional I would stop and let her take the lead on if she wanted to continue or stop. We wanted to talk and I listened intently to what she was saying. It is difficult for a mother to talk about the loss of a child especially to tragic reasons.

I saw her again a few minutes ago and she said karma brought you here first us to meet. God wanted you here and to talk to me.

I have been getting this reaction from a great number of people who I have met along my journey. I guess people see or sense something in me or abouy me that let’s them open up and talk to me about their loss. They always seem to be more at ease and peace when we part.

I am just realizing that the mission has been more than just raising awareness in that I have helped a number of people deal with their loss and better understand it.

One man one mission to save thousands has taken on a new meaning.

Karma works for the good and I am her tool.

On the journey side a fellow ambassador is picking me up tonight and taking me to her home for the night, then tomorrow it’s off to Miami.

For the final leg.


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