September 20, 2018 Mission22

CC picked me up last night in Scott’s jeep so we wouldn’t have to transfer everything.

Today Scott will drive me to Miami to launch off for the final leg.

CC came along to see this Portage to the end. We stopped at a diner for a hearty breakfast and then set out for Miami and the boat ramp.

I had to buy 6 bottles of water on top of the 2 Scott gave me.

The kayak was ready. I wheeled it down the ramp and she just wanted to keep going. As I tried to stop her my left foot slid on the slime while the right stayed put. I am too old to start doing splits, my left knee got scraped on the ramp and my right leg bent at the knee and I fell on my ass. It was immediately that I felt the pull in the back of my right leg. I rubbed it but it was painful. I could bend my leg but I opted to scoot up the ramp before attempting to stand.

I got the dollies off broken down and packed away. Now can I get in the yak. Straddling the yak was painful but I got my leg in. This was not going to be a good paddle day.

I made it to Virginia Key in Miami harbor and set up camp.

Aspirin and icyhot were called for.


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