September 22, 2018 Mission22

Had light breakfast and took off for Key Largo. I am beginning to realize after all this time that my eyes are bigger than my map coordinatese

Stopped in the shallows of Card Sound to take a salt water bath. Better than smelling like 4 days if grunge. Washed my clothes too.

It was late by the time I made the bridge. Tried to make next bridge but current said no. Went back. Talked to Monica who suggested Short Key

Well her map and mine showed same island.

Had dinner at Alabama Jack’s where I had to ignore a table of drunken girls.

Went back to bridge and set up camp

Thought it would be a good spot. Unfortuanately the idiot’s that fish at night can’t get it in their heads that if none else caught anything there all day they aren’t either.

So sleep was sporadic to say the least


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