September 23, 2018 Mission22

Well after getting interrupted most of the night I did get a few hours of sleep.

I packed camp lost my reading glasses thankfully I had a spare pair.

Since I wasn’t successful the day before I decided best course of action was to follow the shoreline. The other thing was I had very little water so I had to resort to drinking small amounts of mouthwash. I finally came upon 3 guys fishing and asked if the could spare a bottle of water. They gave me 4 bottles. I drank one almost all the way. It was enough to get me to the kayak shop.

I hit one batch of rain coming uersnder the bridge. Then as I was paddling toward the other side of this cove a thunderstorm was rearing its ugly head booming and flashing streaks of lightening. But it went away from me.

I landed at the shop. Met the workers. Set up camp.

Hey if you are in Key Largo stop at Florida Bay Outfitters say hi to Monica and Frank. Give them your business.

Easy to find they are next to the famous Caribbean Club from the film Key Largo.


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