September 26, 2018 Mission22

30 nm run today. Woke up tired but determined. Good start the current and wind were in my favor and I made good time down islamorada and then crossed your gulf side. Made good time again down both Macrombe keys then current changes slowed me down and I had to find better track. Found one making up time. Funny everytime I opened up nav chart and expanded it there seemed to be more new keys showing up. Determined I kept paddling. Well 12 turned to 1 which turned to 2 which turned to late afternoon.

When I reached Grassy Key the loo left rudder cable broke. I tried to run the cable on the outside to where I could control it but it didn’t work well.

I looked for place to take out. Notified David he would have to come get me.

Take out turned out to be a bitch. First over the rocks then up a slope to the road. I had to get the kayak out of the water enough to get the dollie under it. Then try to get it up to the road.

I got to a point where the wheels were both in ruts and I couldn’t get a good footing to pull it out. So I unpacked all the heavy bags. I then could easily pull it up to the road. Sent David my location spread out the tent fly and used the tarp bag as a pillow and went to sleep until David arrived.

Woofed down the burger he brought drank the milk packed the jeep then mounted the kayak strapped it down then off to hotel.

I am 67 and push myself to near exhaustion to the point of stumbling around and blacking out. I know it can’t be healthy.


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