September 24, 2018 Mission22

Taking the day off to relax. Monica took me to breakfast to Mrs. Mac diner great food friendly service.

Worked on drying out front hatch and tightening cover straps. I can’t see any other way for water to get in.

Monica gave me a couple of decals for the yak I put one on the back and one on the front hatch cover.

She also gave me pop ne of the shops tee shirts then took my picture with the yak.

She gave me a discount card for the restaurant up the road but I have $10 that has to last me 6 days.

Sleeping at the shop again then launching tomorrow after the good bye and thank yous.


2 thoughts on “September 24, 2018 Mission22

  1. Be careful near the bridges on your way to Key West the current rips through them very quickly when the tides are going out. It’s a little easier to stay further out. What an amazing journey for a great cause!


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