September 29, 2018 Mission22

I woke up feeling like I was a member of the Cudjoe Key Pistol club, drink all night…piss-to dawn. I woke up about 5 times to pee what a nuisance.

Breakfast consisted of a banana and a sugar cookie. I finished packing the kayak and moved it to the boat launch. I had to stack the stones on top of the wall. Launched the yak and headed for Key West. I stopped and talked to 3 guys at the channel end opened to the ocean.

Before I left Cudjoe Bay my gf called to explain why she didn’t call back. It was great to talk to her.

Then a while later a reporter called that Monica got a hold of. We had a funny conversation and it wasn’t the first on water interviews.

Made Key West and Boyd’s campground. Set up tent. The bow handle pulled out again so I patched it.

I am sitting here in the covered picnic pavilion because its shady and cool. The guy that was here is listening to some stupid rabbi that keeps repeating himself and everything he says is for you to feel guilty and unworthy. I am dam glad I am smart enough not to listen to idiots like that.

There is only one place for manipulative people like him…hell.


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