September 30, 2018 Mission22

Well it rained a few times last night. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be a rainy day on my last paddle of the trip. I got up and started packing. Took a shower and then launched into chop and a 15 mph wind. I paddled under the bridge and turned south to join the others at the car and coffee event. They had told them I was coming and I was very welcome reception I got when I landed.

In the interest of saving time. We put the kayak on Scott’s jeep and we all headed to Duval street and the southern most point market.

When we got there there was a long line so we came up with a plan to drive around the block park in front of the market and get a pic of me, yak, jeep and marker. I gave CC my phone camera ready and we jumped out. She starts screaming that I just completed 5000 mile paddle from Maine to Key West and we needed my pic in front of marker. People cheered and moved out of the way. It was great. We jumped back in the jeep and went up the road to join Soledad and David.

We dropped the kayak off at David’s I got rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need. Took what I needed now and it lightened the kayak quite a bit.

Scott CC and I left for their house. Stopped at the Mariner for dinner but it was closed so we opted for Sonny’s BBQ.


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