Advanced Notification

I will be putting out an invite to all kayak clubs along the Atlantic Coast and Nova Scotia for anyone who wants to kayak with me for how ever long they want to.

I will be looking for intelligence on currents tides etc. for their area. Also, since I am doing this trip on very limited funds I will be asking if I can camp in their yard.

Make no mistake I have committed to doing this trip and I will be paddling starting May 1st.

I have 2 sisters in Virginia Beach as well as friends so I will have a short layover there before continuing.

I will have 1 gopro with extra battery and 2 Nikon coolpix cameras and I will share pics and videos here and on Mission 22’s website.

I have not asked any companies for sponsorship or equipment but I may be forced to go that route as my gofundme is going slowly.

Thank You for following me if you are reading this.


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