If you served your country, no matter how short or long you served no matter what capacity you served you are a veteran.

Anyone with a DD214 can prove they served. There are some combat vets that think differently but that is their issue.

There is a bond among veterans that cannot be explained not broken. We also understand that even though we were discharged noone has ever released us from our oath nor is there an expiration date. There is noone that will fight harder for peace than a veteran because know the cost of it and we respect those that paid the high price and ultimate price for it.

So, why did I leave my children, girlfriend, friends, and the comfort of home to kayak thousands of miles alone risking my safety at times. One reason and one reason only. Vets are in trouble, they are taking their lives at 20 per day. This is a number that is unacceptable to us veterans. It’s an insult to all veterans that it is that high. So in these times vets will answer the call to help the best they can. My answer is by kayaking and telling everyone I meet along the way.

I wish I could have raised much more money than I have. I wish everyone following this blog that hasn’t would donate $25 at least.

My mantra for this trip is one man, one mission, to save thousands.

I don’t know how well I am doing. I know of a few people that I have.

So if you see a veteran with a shirt with the veteran organization on it, not only thank him/her for their service but also thank them for helping their fellow veterans.

If you are a true veteran you will do what you can to help other veterans.


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